Caring For Your Vintage Glass Beads

STORING: Although your lovely vintage glass beads look great draped over a lamp or on the bedpost, some beads are up to 80 years old and the glass is fragile, and they should be given the care and respect they deserve.

Store them either in their own necklace box, lengthwise with the clasps undone. Or, together wrapped in a piece of velvet, rolled with layers of material in between each necklace, as you would fine pearls.

WEARING: Your vintage glass bead necklace as with any fine necklace should be the last item you put on, before you head out the door. This is to keep lotions, make-up sprays and powers from settling on them.



CLEANING: Begin by cleaning the silver pieces first. To clean the sterling silver pendants, clasps, and balls on your necklace, rub them gently with a silver polishing cloth, then wipe them with a soft clean cloth to remove any film left on them. Never soak or dip your silver necklace pieces.

To clean your vintage glass beads, dampen a soft cloth with a 50 percent solution of window cleaner such as Windex ® and water so the cloth is very damp but not dripping. Start at one end of the clasp and rub each glass bead until you reach the other end of the necklace. Rinse out the washcloth and ring out with clear water. Repeat the process and lay your beads in a soft, dry towel, cover and gently rub back and forth a few times to polish the beads. Allow the necklace to set out in the open air for a few minutes before storing or wearing them. Never soak your vintage glass bead necklaces.

REPAIR: Should your vintage glass bead necklace you purchased from Nola Green Jewelry require repair or to replace a broken bead (it does happen), go to our contact link on the home page.

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